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Longarm Quilting

We offer edge to edge computerized long arm quilting.  At this time, we do not offer custom quilting.  What this means is that your pattern will be the same throughout your quilt.  We are able to change the size of the patterns to fit your quilt correctly.  It is important that you let us know how tight you would like the quilting to be.  This will vary depending upon the pattern design that you pick.

 .02 per square inch
For example if you have a quilt that is 80 x 90 it will cost: $144 to have it quilted. (80x90 = 7200 x .02 = $144)
This does not include the backing or batting
We can also attach your binding if you would like:
Attach binding to the front - you will hand sew it on the back = .06 per linear inch.  (80+80+90+90= 340 x.06 = $20.40
Attach the binding to front & back (machine top stitched to the front) = .10 per linear inch (80+80+90+90 = 340 x .10 = $34.00

Cardinal Creations Quilting Terms
We cannot promise perfection, we are human.  Sometimes things may not turn out the way you have pictured in your mind.  You are entrusting us to use our judgement, and trusting us that we will do the very best we can.  If your quilt turns out anything but perfect, we will try our hardest to make it right, but cannot be held responsible for misunderstandings of what you had in mind and what we actually provided.  Mistakes can happen (a needle snagged once and caught the fabric making a minor tear or a needle broke and it also caused a minor tear.  Also, sometimes the quilt isn't square or the boarders don't lay flat and we are forced to deal with the minor ruffle at the bottom or sides as we finish it).  When you send your quilt to us, you acknowledge that this is the case, things don't always turn our perfect, and things may not come back in the way you intended.  Please know that we take great pride in our work and will handle your quilt with extreme care.

Quilt Preparation:
1. When sending batting and backing, please leave at least 4" on all 4 sides
2. Please mark the top of quilt and the top of backing with a safety pin if it matters which end goes up.
3. Press seams and trim threads.  Please do not pin or baste your layers together, or attach the binding ahead of time.

Click here for our Long Arm Work Order form and Quilting Terms.
Or feel free to call us with any questions you may have: 231.839.5570

Here is a sample of some of our digital patterns.  If you don't see what you are looking for here, don't worry we have access to lots of designs.  Just give us a call and we can try to find what you are looking for.